2018-03-08 11:18 #0 by: Leia

Travelling on a gluten-free diet can be a daunting task. A general lack of understanding of coeliac disease, unfamiliar foods and language barriers are enough to ruin your trip should you consume gluten. Ever since my diagnosis of coeliac disease, I have used these travel cards from celiactravel.com. They are free, come in 63 languages and you can print as many as you want.

The founder Rodger says that this means "you can give them to the waiter or waitress to take to the kitchen. The most common problem with getting gluten-free food when dining in restaurants is that your message gets lost or corrupted on its way to the kitchen."

I think there may be some things lost in translation as I have had some confused looks in the past but overall it gets the job done.

I hope this helps!

Image: http://www.celiactravel.com/cards/